The site Tall Days New World began with photographs in landscape. it grew to include paintings and other media, but images of natural pattern are still a central purpose.

Photographs can have different communications: "bald ordinary", things as seen. But sometimes unexpected things are revealed, softer things perhaps, or hidden things. There can be bold complexity and graced simplicity, or light and dark loveliness. There is connections between odd moments, and the unexpected companionships of lives.
There is a time in in perception where the topic of natural history is lifted into something barely begun in human civilization -- a kind of honoring, emergent from knowledge but illuminated by whole sight, tempered by heart I guess. I wonder how in the future we will relate to the precious world. The feeling of aesthetics is a doorway to buildingn the future. Enjoy the beauty.

There are subcategories in this section. "Photo Category: Grassess", " Photo Category: LilyPonds", and other topics, with several photos under each.

First Traverse Mysterious CanyonPhotograph and by Bruce Bannerman

All content and images 2019 by Bruce Bannerman, all rights reserved.
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