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This website Tall Days New World explores some conditions in natural history and their parallel presence in artistic abstraction.

One can look at places and patterns in nature, and some of the processes that made them. Then one can find serendipitous emergent patterns in the events of painting and some of the same processes are at work. One can practice other paths of creative mind and the processes show again. Our own being is at root the same as the being of the lives and places around us.

The laws of the patterns of development in nature can be shown with photographs whose original purpose was finding aesthetics. Can painting as a creative process similarly reveal the mysterious patterns of the mind's nature?

A person might rise into a condition of enchantment from all the beauty. You have to be careful. One might respond and do something unexpected.

The New is very interesting, but so too are the oceans of the Old. And what do you do about Play? The play of the worlds, and the play of the inner strange music of beings..

And then what do you do with perception? Seeing aesthetics, seeing nature, seeing art, seeing the infinite... Its enough to put one off one's oatmeal. Perhaps it's in being itself, this finding of beauty in the world, this realization of natural processes, this crafting of objects from knowing without words...

And what do we do with the knowledge of nature and mind? How do we find benefit from the wisdom about natural reality in relation to human beings? It is one of the pressing questions of our age. Towards what shall we build our futures?...

As the flow of the world speaks its quiet things, we always find insights - regular old insights that have inspired us since the beginning, but are forgotten again and again since the beginning. Can we make them less easy to forget?
They can be spoken in a way that reminds us of joy and growth in our difficult path of humaness in a mysterious and wondrous universe.
It begins with delight, a pattern of beauty perhaps. It percolates through, being-energy-experience mixes with it in and it grows in unpredictable ways. If luck holds something is made, a meeting of heart and action. It might be a voice, or lines and forms, or colors and worlds, portraits of glimpses of sublime things. One attempts to speak..

What is the meaning of the title "Tall Days New World?"
"Tall Days" are those days that unfold in a grander light, that cause us finer sight. All days have this epic nature of course but it is often hidden because we don't remember, or have been taught not to see them that way. But sometimes events combine anyway and a grand day is had and a bit of heart is opened, and such is truly a Tall Day.
"New World" is the result of these Tall Days. The ordinary world renews and reveals itself to be the paradise that it actually is.

The world is always renewing itself and changing and growing and finding new ways.
This work mulls over the great enterprise: How do we know and remeber the treasure of the ordinary world?

and the treasure world,
Old, new,
Higher, lesser,
From art,
From warmth and being,
Find and build,
the new world.

Life gives an accomplishment, a view from the great hill.
How is the climb, what is the view? Something energetic and ephemeral and perpetual, a species of love perhaps. A concert from a great music will show us the way.

Late Grass Green Behind
Photograph, and contents of the site by Bruce Bannerman.

All content and images 2019 by Bruce Bannerman, all rights reserved.
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